Online dating SWEET LIKE SUGAR: طعم خوب برای خرما باید کیفیت خوبی داشته باشد – Sun Toronto

Online dating SWEET LIKE SUGAR: طعم خوب برای خرما باید کیفیت خوبی داشته باشد – Sun Toronto

Online dating

online dating


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Turns out the way to man and a woman’s heart is through their stomachs.

According to an online dating survey, great food and good taste are the most important traits online daters are looking for in potential partners.

Sugar Daddy dating site SeekingArrangement found cooking was the highest ranked quality among its 20 million members worldwide when choosing a partner.

The survey found the second highest quality that sugar daddies look for in their sugar babies is a successful career. For the women, it’s muscles or fitness.

Surprisingly for both genders, faithfulness came in third.

The responses of 20 million members of an online dating website suggest cooking as the most important trait for both men and women. (SeekingArrangement)

“There is this widespread notion that dating has become very superficial,” said Brandon Wade, founder and CEO of SeekingArrangement in a media release.

Wade says it’s the community’s misconception that makes it seem like dating is all about matching with good looking men and women.

“Singles are looking for companionship with like-minded people who can elevate their lifestyle, maybe even through something as simple as cuisine, above all else.”

But finding similar tastes in a partner isn’t always the easiest thing.

Not to worry, those in long-term relationships tend to share preferences with their significant other, according to a study published in the journal Appetite.

Researchers looked at 100 couples between three and 45 years and found smell and taste got increasingly similar among pairs that were together longer.

“As partners share (a) household (including kitchen and fridge) and a significant proportion of meals, they are much likely to eat similar types of food.”

Who knows, you might have to wait until your 20th anniversary to start sharing your partner’s cravings for anchovies.

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