Online dating مارک رونسون بابت اظهارات شبه جنس عذرخواهی می کند: من بخشی از “جامعه حاشیه نشین” نیستم

Online dating مارک رونسون بابت اظهارات شبه جنس عذرخواهی می کند: من بخشی از “جامعه حاشیه نشین” نیستم

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Cydney Henderson USA TODAY

Published 11:24 PM EDT Sep 26, 2019

Mark Ronson is apologizing for saying he’s sapiosexual, which the Montclair State University’s LGBTQ Center describes as a person who “is emotionally, romantically, sexually, affectionately, or relationally attracted to intelligence and its use.”

The Oscar- and Grammy-winning producer, who talked about his dating preferences on “Good Morning Britain” last week, tried to clarify his comments Wednesday.

“I do not consider myself part of any marginalized community,” he said during an interview with Rolling Stone. “I apologize if anybody misunderstood or took offense to it.”

Ronson, 44, said he was asked about sapiosexuality on “Good Morning Britain” after an earlier segment focused on it. He admitted that he didn’t know much about it. 

Sapiosexual: Mark Ronson just sparked a discussion. What does that mean?

They explained sapiosexuality as “when you’re attracted to intelligence,” Ronson said, leading him to believe, “That sounds great. Of course, who wouldn’t be?” 

“And they were like basically like, ‘OK, Mark Ronson identifies himself as sapiosexual, that’s great,'” Ronson told Rolling Stone. “And then they proceeded to ask me about Miley Cyrus’ dating life and something else I probably wasn’t that informed to talk about, either, and then that was it.”

He continued: “It sounds like I went on a TV show to be like, ‘Guys, I have some big news!’ And the fact that I would go on and sort of declare myself – like as a heterosexual white male – part of any marginalized community was terrifying to me, or just embarrassing.”

On “Good Morning Britain” on Sept. 19, host Kate Harraway asked Ronson, “Now that we know you’re single … Are you identifying as a man who likes intellect?”

Ronson admitted that he “didn’t know there was a word for it.” He added, “I was really enjoying that (sapiosexual debate) segment. We were all arguing backstage in the dressing room with a couple of your producers. And yeah, I feel like I am identifying as sapiosexual.”

“So you’re coming out as sapiosexual? This is great news!” host Ben Shephard said, with Harraway commenting that Ronson was “out and proud on ‘Good Morning Britain.’”

After the interview, Ronson hoped his headline-making comment would be put into context, but “that’s not what happens on Twitter anymore,” he said. 

Contributing: Maeve McDermott

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